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Number 4:

Venetian Rectors in Dalmatia on the Brink of War (1355)

Suzanne Mariko Miller*

In 1355, Venice teetered on the brink of war with King Louis I of Hungary-Croatia. The prize of battle would be control of the eastern and northern shores of the Adriatic. Already, skirmishes between the Venetians and the indigenous magnates of Dalmatia (who owed fealty to the Hungarian crown) foreshadowed the war ahead. Venice prepared for war by increasing its military presence in the region, capturing the garrison town of Skradin and installing a permanent regional military commander. In the end, Louis the Great would confound Venetian expectations by sweeping down through the Friuli and the Trevisan March up to the edge of the Venetian Dogado. The king forced Venice to its knees and extracted from it the renunciation of its sovereignty over Dalmatia.

* Stanford University, California, USA.

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