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Rivista d'informazione culturale adriatica
Adriatic cultural information magazine

The International Society for Adriatic Studies in the Middle Ages
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Rome’s Giuliano-Dalmata Quarter. Mini-guide Read more.

Venetian Rectors in Dalmatia on the Brink of War (1355)
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Revista de información cultural adriática
Kulturelle Informationszeitschrift der Adria
Revue d’information culturelle adriatique
Informativna revija o jadranski kulturi
Informativni casopis iz kulture Jadrana
Informativna revija jadranske kulture
Revista e informacionit kulturor të Adriatikut


This magazine specialises in cultural information about the northeast Adriatic, specifically the areas bordering the Gulf of Venice and Gulf of Quarnaro, including the near reaches of Dalmatia.
Adopting the cultural idea of the European Union as its own, Il Giuliano Dalmata focuses on the history and culture of the entire Adriatic coast, thus embracing a significant part of the Mediterranean including six countries: Italy, on the western side of Adriatic sea, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania, on the eastern side.
Its editorial staff includes university researchers, journalists and experts.
Il Giuliano Dalmata is published in collaboration with the newly-established SISAEM (International Centre for Advanced Studies) and ASIME (Historical Research Initiative for South-Central Italy).
The magazine accepts voluntary contributions from both individuals and organizations.
Drengo was selected over other publishers for its high degree of dedication and professionalism and the synergies created with its other cultural initiatives.
Il Giuliano Dalmata is a cultural magazine with no political agenda or party affiliations.
The magazine will be available at newsstands, bookstores and by subscription from its first issue.
The magazine’s last page provides an English language translation of major news items to allow for the broader diffusion of Adriatic culture.
The magazine’s web site is at and contains the main news items from the current edition, previews and current events.
Important news stories are translated into English, Spanish, German, French, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian and Albanian.
Il Giuliano Dalmata’s strength lies in its ability to keep up with the times and, like Klee’s angel, is headed towards the future with an eye on the past because it is not possible to live in the present and build tomorrow without memory.

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